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About JJ’s Fresh from Scratch in Orlando, FL

JJ’s Fresh from Scratch, formerly JJ’s Fusion Grille, founder and Venezuelan native-JJ Paredes, has a passion for delicious eats. 

After seeking out the best aspects of cuisines from Mexico and regions beyond Europe, JJ created a unique fusion experience where guests can blend these two worlds together into countless tantalizing flavor combinations.

Serving pure genius in the kitchen is JJ’s mother, Olivia Lozada. Where JJ has a passion for good eats, Olivia has a passion for healthy cooking and with her passion came the fresh top-quality ingredients that make JJ’s Fresh taste just like a home-cooked meal.

Although we live in an increasingly fast-paced world, people need more options than fast food filled with preservatives. At JJ’s Fresh From Scratch, a scratch kitchen in Orlando, FL, we only use naturally-raised meats with no added hormones, as well as the finest quality healthy ingredients available. Nothing is ever frozen except the ice in your drink.

A Recipe for Freshness

Sure there’s a myriad of casual-style dining options today, but the challenge JJ faced was finding top-quality ingredients that tasted just like a home-cooked meal. This is the essence of what a scratch kitchen in Orlando, FL entails. JJ’s Fresh is a scratch kitchen in Orlando, FL that provides guests with the quality of a sit-down dinner in an affordable, fresh and convenient atmosphere.

Healthy Food In Orlando

JJ’s Fresh from Scratch Kitchen in Orlando, FL provides fresh made healthy food. You choose how your healthy food is made and we just rock it. Or roll it if its a wrap.

Scratch Kitchen In Orlando

JJ’s Fresh from Scratch Kitchen in Orlando, FL makes everything, well, from scratch. We source the finest ingredients locally. Nothing is ever frozen. Except for the ice in our awesome custom flavored water we make.

Catering In Orlando

JJ’s Fresh from Scratch Kitchen in Orlando, FL will cater your events and blow you away with our healthy food. Our service is as professional as the sports teams we have worked with.

How JJ’s Fresh from Scratch in Orlando, FL Operates

Our vision is simple: to create a truly unique scratch kitchen dining experience in Orlando, FL. Our scratch kitchen creates masterpieces by combining delicious cuisines; friendly, fast-casual service and affordable prices. JJ’s Fresh from Scratch Kitchen is the definition of a family-run business. JJ’s mother is serving up pure genius in the Orlando, FL based scratch kitchen. After seven years of experience in the hospitality industry, JJ provides nothing but the best customer service, in order to create the best guest experience possible.

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