Value Catering Package

Value Catering Package

$11.95 per person (add $2 each for Carne Mechada (Latin Brisket), Steak and $3 for Sautéed Shrimp)

Includes your choice of one protein, jasmine rice, your choice of veggies, your choice of cold toppings and one of our signature sauces. Add drinks, our delicious queso blanco and some desserts, and you’re all set!

Introducing Our Value Catering Package: A budget friendly deliciousness

1. Customizable Bowls: Create Your Masterpiece Delight your guests with an interactive buffet style set up of our Value Catering Package, allowing them to craft their own culinary masterpieces. From succulent roasted pork to grilled chimichurri-marinated sirloin steak, every bite is a celebration of what a homemade meal tastes like.

2. Delectable Sides: A Symphony of Complements Moreover, complement your bowl with a simple selection of toppings. Choose between our different veggies, fresh toppings, and signature sauces. If you’d like to elevate your experience, don’t forget to add our homemade Queso Blanco, it’s finger-licking good! All in all, this is an irresistible combination of textures and tastes.

3. Signature Sauces: A Burst of flavor Treat your tastes buds with one of our homemade signature sauces that includes: Habanero Hot Sauce, Chimichurri, and the people’s favorite, our Honey Chipotle “Scratch” Sauce! This is included in our Value Catering Package!

4. Divine Desserts: Sweet Endings with Latin Flair Surely, conclude your feast with divine desserts, such as one of our signature mousses; mango-passion fruit, tropical coconut, and Oreo cheesecake. Or take a sip of our homemade Chicha, a Venezuelan traditional sweet drink that tastes just like cinnamon toast crunch. These sweet endings pay homage to the luscious and decadent side of Latin indulgence.

5. Beverage Oasis: Lastly, quench your thirst with our options of Fruit Infused Water, Lemonade, Sweet and Unsweet Tea and 2 Liter Soda Bottles.

The best deal in town at an affordable and budget friendly price. You can’t beat freshness and quality, and with our Value Catering Package, you get both!