If you’ve ever attended a wedding, bar mitzvah, plated fundraiser, or bridal shower, you’ve more than likely had an experience with catering.

When you’re at one of these events and enjoy a tasty plate of food, even tastier than your favorite local restaurants, you most likely have a catering team to thank!

The way that catering Works might seem fairly simple and straightforward.

 A team of people cooks up some food and serves it, right?

While that is certainly the basic idea, there is much more to it.

In this blog, we will take you behind the scenes of our catering company here in Orlando, FL, to show you what the world of catering is all about.

From the primary client meeting to the event itself, a lot of preparation and planning is involved in catering an event.

What Defines Modern Catering in Orlando, FL?

In the catering world, food is the star.

However, food is only a basic part of the equation. At JJ’s Fresh, a full-service event and catering company here in Orlando, FL, catering can best be defined as full-scale event planning with a focus on food.

A great caterer will tell you that catering is all about satisfying each sense, including taste, smell, touch, hearing, and sight.

You can appeal to each of these senses with the right atmosphere, helping to make an event more memorable and special. There is no doubt that a beautifully prepared meal can excite your sense of taste, sight, and smell, but it is equally important that each piece of the puzzle, from the glassware to the decor, has a similar impact.

From the Linens to the lighting to the flowers to the flatware, each element should complement the food to create a cohesive experience.

The key here is continuity.

Now, beyond preparing the food and setting up the event, a few additional responsibilities of an event catering company might include rentals, clean up, music, and lighting.

Let’s take a look at the three main types of catering companies.

How Does Food Catering In Orlando, FL, Work?

The Two Main Types of Catering in Orland, FL.

Mobile/Delivery Caterers

A mobile or delivery caterer can come in many forms, such as a food cart, a food truck, or a delivery service. These can also include made-to-order meals delivered directly to an event center or workplace.

Mobile and delivery catering is typically less involved and less expensive. A client will often agree on a predetermined menu and arrange the food delivery. Because there is less of a need for staff, it is a very budget-friendly catering option.

Private Full-Service Caterer

A private full-service caterer is a company that is privately owned and operated. JJ’s Fresh is a local Orlando full-service catering company that can be hired for numerous types of events, including wedding receptions, birthday parties, anniversaries, business holiday events, bar or Bat Mitzvahs, and much more.

Private full-service catering often includes menu design, menu preparation, cuisine creation, cuisine presentation, dinnerware rentals, pre-event arranging, event working, and clean-up crew staffing.

As one of the top companies providing full-service event catering in Orlando, Florida, JJ’s Fresh works tirelessly to execute each of our client’s unique visions. We collaborate with our clients to provide custom designs for our menus and the surrounding elements.

What Happens Behind the Scenes?

So, now you might be wondering, what does a catering company in Orlando, FL, do behind the scenes?

There is a lot of preparation, planning, creativity, and teamwork involved in the entire process, from the primary client and caterer meeting to event day.

From the initial concept to the last plate of uneaten food thrown into the dumpster, catering teams will collaborate closely with clients to customize menus, discuss staffing, and get an outline of expectations for the particular event.

Once each detail has been agreed upon, a contract will be drafted by the catering company for the client to review.

The client can then ask questions or negotiate if necessary.

If a catering company does not provide you with a contract, don’t hire them!

Here at JJ’s, we understand the importance of transparency with our clients, explaining the costs and each decision they make, so they know what they can expect. It’s one of the reasons we’ve become one of the top choices for wedding catering in Orlando, FL. 

What To Know Before Hiring a Catering Company in Orlando, FL

Now that you have a better understanding of what a catering company does, we want to provide you with a few tips to save you time and money when ordering a catering service for your event.

Have a Guest Count

One of the main elements that will factor into your cost is the number of Mallards you are feeding.

Having a guest count prior to calling for an estimate can help you budget better and mitigates unnecessary or confusing last-minute menu changes.

A good catering company will offer a few different methods for having your food delivered:

  • Pick-Up: You will go to the caterer’s location to pick up the food. While this is the least comment delivery method, it can save time and money on rush orders.
  • Drop-Off: This is one of the most common delivery methods, especially for social or corporate events. A caterer will deliver food in disposable containers, such as foil trays or coffee boxes.
  • Full-Service: This type of catering includes having the food professionally served on-site with prepared tables and ancillary dining elements, such as glasses, linen, tableware, etc.

Have a Budget

The budget is one of the first things you should consider when hiring a catering company. Most caterers will determine the pricing based on a per-person model. One of the easiest ways to develop a budget for your event is to determine the amount of money you would like to spend and divide it by the number of people attending your event.

Caterers are waiters, cooks, artists, and more, all wrapped up in one. A top-notch caterer will tell you that there is nothing more they want to provide than incredible food and a memorable setup that fits your budget and your event.

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